Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

Therapeutic ancient art for modern-day stressors. Originated over 2500 years ago, its origins are linked to Ayurvedic, yoga, and Chinese medicine. Thai yoga massage is an expression of Metta, or loving kindness. It is the very essence of what sets forth the process and practice of Thai Bodywork. Compassion for both oneself and others is the guiding principle for the practice of Thai massage.

A combination of deep compression, acupressure, passive stretching, traction, joint decompression, and energy work along sen lines provides a holistic, well-balanced therapeutic massage. Altogether the techniques involved awaken stagnant energy and remove negative “blocked” energy from the “sen lines.” Although it seems like Thai yoga massage is a physical modality, the primary focus of the work is to impart balance and harmony to the ‘energetic’ body and mind of the recipient.

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Thai massage can offer deep relaxation and stress relief as well as helping improve the range of motion.

What do I wear during a thai massage?

You should wear flexible or loose fitting clothing. The attire you would wear to a yoga class would be perfect.