Legendary Massage Signature Treatment

Legendary Massage Signature Treatment

This massage is sure to leave a profound and long lasting effect on your body, mind and spirit. It is the perfect balance and delivery of nurture and therapeutics.

My Legendary Massage Signature Treatment is a 75 minute exquisite integration of eastern and western healing modalities. My clients will experience a combination of Hot Stone Therapy, Hot Herbal Compress, energetic work along Sen and Meridian channels, Thai Massage technique and deep soothing classical massage strokes.

This signature treatment is certain to leave an everlasting expansion to your wellness and well being.

Luk Pra Kob

Hot compresses used in isolation to treat specific ailments. Heat increases blood flow, improves circulation, relaxes muscles, stimulates nerves, energizes internal organs and soothes tension and soreness. In addition, the steaming of the herbs releases essential oils that are used as an inhalant in aromatherapy. 

Should I eat before a massage?

It is advised that you don’t eat a large meal before a massage (especially a Thai Massage). Any abdominal compressions or lying prone may be uncomfortable if your belly is filled with food. No food 90 minutes before a massage is a good rule of thumb.